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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

There was once a crazy lady......

.... who says just about anything! Yeah, that truly is me. I mean I'm not really THAT modest about my family life. Some stuff is off limits though. I do have a stopping point. But ya'll will find out, I post some of the weirdest, funnies stuff EVER! Trust me, I find myself hilarious. Sometimes my own laughter startles me. Because it's so loud and obnoxious at times. Ask anyone who talks to me! LOL But I love laughter. I love sharing my funnies, my family funnies, and just the craziest moments of my life. I do it for so many reasons of course. But in the last year, I do it to share a silly moment to make someone smile. You never know who you may touch in one day. Not physically man..words! jeesh! :) I post a lot of funnies from my family on my Facebook page. But I want to start sharing them here too. Maybe in between the long posts of nothingness to everything-ness (yeah I made up that one...lol) I can add a bit of hilarity. Because lets face it, you'll figure out. My family is pretty effing awesomely hilarious. 

This one came up on memories of the day on FB, where they show you random shit you posted a year or more ago. So when I saw this, I had to post it! :D Enjoy!


My kids have a very bad habit of cornering me in the bathroom. Meaning, if I'm in there to do my business, they come to the door. We have two doors on the bathroom. You have to go through my room or Mae's room to get to it. The door gets opened up, yacking, yelling, complaining, etc. It doesn't matter what they have to say, it all waits until Mom is in the bathroom. I swear!

I was in there earlier and the bathroom window was open. Christopher started to come to the bathroom door telling me something about his sister. I yelled "I AM ON THE POT!" Which usually is the warning if you keep at me I'm going to start screaming. Then it got me thinking of what my neighbors must think. The bathroom window has been open for weeks due to the weather.

I wonder what my neighbors must think of me. They're probably saying, "Why does that crazy bitch yell that she's on the pot/toilet every time she goes in to the bathroom? Like we want to know what she's doing! Why does she announce it?" Yeah...if I was an outsider that's what I would think. I'm forever yelling that lol. I threaten the kids all the time that when they're going to the bathroom I'm going to come in and talk to them over and over. I've done it a few times now even.
Bless our neighbors for putting up with the crazy lady who yells about being on the shitter.

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  1. I love hearing your family stories! They bring a smile to my face and laughter to my heart! And after the other night...I definitely need it! You are such a great friend and I love you bunches Neenja!